Viki.AlincyViki Alincy, Principal, IN the BOX Consulting; former CMO Mediacom

Over the past 25 years in agency life, I have had the fortune of learning from some of the best people in our industry, and mentoring future communication specialists. My priority is to surround myself with the most talented and passionate people, where professional and personal growth is an essential part of the team dynamic. This is where my own formula for success comes in, and I would be delighted to explain my 70|20|10 philosophy in person.

I have built departments to grow revenue, led new business development, collaborated to launch a new agency brand, and I have led through a change management program to ensure the future success of the agency. Highly motivated to succeed, I draw from my strengths and more importantly, from my team’s strengths, to achieve desired and designated goals.

My goal is to be part of a team with shared enthusiasm and values to create a culture of creativity and collaboration. My inspiration is to continue to give back by supporting women initiativesthat empower and improve their wellness and their lives. From volunteering in shelters and providing council to underprivileged young women, to coaching our future industry leaders, I strongly believe in the movement to bring a positive change where women are seen as empowered leaders.

During my career, I have gained a wide breadth of experience and expertise in marketing, media and communications. Starting in broadcast buying, I pursued moving into Direct/ Digital and CRM to find more meaning and measurement in communications. I eventually moved to strategic planning and account management where I created trusted and bonded relationships with clients. My creative solutions, combined with the analytical facts positioned me as an ideal leader of help clients prosper through smart investment in media across all platforms.

Some highlights include developing a multi-platform software in 2001 to manage media and client data. This custom software was designed to effectively report on business impact of media activity, years before the advent of ‘big data’. I have built departments from the ground up in my past 2 agencies, and was instrumental in the re-structuring of an agency in order to meet demands of clients. Given the pace of change and the challenges media agencies face, there was a need to re-define the future of agency and client working partnerships.

Under my leadership, during 2010-2013, a commercial strategy was created that drove double digit growth for the business, and gained a winning record in new business growth -includingwinningand leadingthe business for Yum!, Mars Wrigleyand CIBC. I have alsodesignedand createdan agencywidebusiness reportingdashboardto improvehow werunthe agencyand clients’ business. This simple and effective dashboardconsistedof 5 viewswhichhave sincebeen adoptedgloballyand includes:

1.Commercial SummarywithKPI’s
2.Client business plans and forecasts
3.Client 5/15/30 dayaction plans
4.Group structure, P&L and BIO’s
5.Client contractoutline, key deliverables, scorecardsand bonus structure

I have long been a change agent throughout my career and I am fervent about great
work, inspired by visionary people and enthusiastic about influencing what’s next. I am an
unconventional thinker focused on solving the challenges that confront me, and look forward to influencing the ever evolving business of Media.